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Our Community

One of the core reasons for creating Ridge Runners was to create a community of runners, who care for each other, the communities within which we live, and our precious environment.

Your Journey

You are core to our community.  We believe we are all on an amazing life journey, and we hope we can help enrich that experience.  More details on how we hope to support you here


Our Principles

Everything we do is based on a set of fouding principles.  It sets out who we are, why we spend all our free time doing this, and who we love to work with.  We set up as a Not For Profit organisation, to show that our principles are more important than profits!  We hope you support our Principles here

Building Something New! A community of Races

We are just so excited to take the next step.  We have recently agreed with Narberth Nobbler and Preseli Beast to work more closely together,  These are fantastic organisations and we wish to do whatever we can to support them.  Read more here


To be blunt, without volunteers, our races simply would not happen,  For every time someone gives up their free time, a huge thank you.  As a volunteer, you quite literally get a big say in how we are run.  You will also be integral to deciding who we support, and if that wasn't enough, you get free entries into all our races, and those of our partner race organisers.  There are limits - we do need to make sure there are sufficient volunteers for each race, you even get to decide that, should you want to.  More on volunteering here


Who we have funded

To find out who we have donated to, details can be found here, and why.

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