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I’ve never done a trail race before, do I need to train differently?

Probably, but it is not essential.  The ground is rocky and there are roots so it is easier to twist an ankle.  You'll benefit from some trail training but don’t let it stop you if you can't, just be aware of the risk and slow down a little.

You'll also find your times are a little slower so expect to be out longer.  Even if you're used to hills, running through a flat field of long grass will take longer than tarmac. We'd love for you to start your trail journey with us!

Do I need all the kit on the kit list, even if its warm and sunny?

Yes, the kit is there for when things go wrong, not when things go well. 

Will a cheap windproof do?

A good quality windproof is required. The best jackets are 10,000 hydrostatic head and 10,000 B-1 breathability.  This means that it is waterproof and breathable (your sweat can escape!).  Taped seams will also prevent leakage protecting you in a heavy downfall.  It's not about cost but about having the right features and quality.  You can speak to your local independent running store (we love Up and Under!), borrow from a friend or, these days, can even buy on second hand sites.  As long as it meets the kit list standards; it doesn't matter how much you paid!   

What shoes do you recommend?

You'll definitely need trail shoes for all of our races. All trail shoes have lugs ( like little rubber studs, not dissimilar to football or rugby boots) which provide grip on offroad surfaces.  The depth required will vary considerably based on the season you're running in so the answer would very much depend on which of our races your were doing and you local running store can advise you far better than we can.

Remember, it may be dry on the day, but if weeks of rain have preceded race day the ground will still be muddy!  We run the route regularly so if would like to know route conditions near to race day, drop us a line and we can give you an update.  


Are there cut off times?

Each of our races has cut off times. Please see the race page details for specific cut offs.  We've tried to be as generous as possible. allowing you to comfortably complete our races if you're a fast walker.  


Unfortunately, these need to be enforced to ensure we have enough volunteers and medical cover for the duration of the events.  Our volunteers generously give up their time so it's only polite to let them know when they will be finished aswell.

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