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Radyr Trail Races: Half Marathon and Marathon

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Radyr Trail Half Marathon & Trail Marathon start in Wales' capital city, Cardiff but you'll soon feel a million miles away as you leave the hustle and bustle behind you for idillic trails and scenery.  

The half marathon is an excellent trail run for new runners and veterans alike.  You'll enjoy mountain views, woodlands, forest and great camaraderie as you explore a range of trails and countryside paths. The highest point is the Garth mountain, the real star of the film An Englishman who Went up a Hill but Came down a Mountain (sorry, Hugh!).  The last couple of miles finish in a flat nature reserve where you'll be rewarded with plenty of birdlife and squirrels darting around you.

This event is part of the Radyr and Morganstown Festival, with proceeds going to local charities.  The route will be fully marked, with two checkpoints to help you on your way.  The route is not easy; the winners came in at 1hour 45 minutes in our first race, however, don't be put of by the challenge. Our sweepers walked the entire route well within the cut of times, we will do everything we can to get you around.

A full description of the route can be found here.


The marathon has approximately 1300 meters of climb, taking in the half marathon route above and adding an additional 13.1 miles of trails.  This course is described by past runners as beautiful and brutal.  A gpx and map will be provided but some navigation skills will be required (the course is marked but signs have been moved in the past and we don't want you stranded miles from home!)

The winner's time is normally around 4hrs 50 so please expect to be out for longer than you would for a road marathon.

A full description of the route can be found here.

Race Details

Date: Saturday 11 May

Marathon race start: 8:00

Registration opens: 6:00 (for both races) 

Registration closes: 7:30

Half marathon race start: 9:00

Registration reopens: 7:45

Registration closes: 8:30

There will be a kit check at registration – no kit,

no entry.

Full kit list information can be found here.

The venue for the race is:

Cardiff Harlequins RFC
Diamond Ground

Forest Farm Road


CF14 7JN


Half marathon:


Half Marathon

The course will be signed and should not require map reading or navigation skills. However, due to the length of the race, and wishing to keep the ‘exploring’ feel of being in the countryside, runners should expect distances where there may be no signage. Signs will be at junctions and pathway choices.  

Despite the best laid plans, some runners may still lose their way. For that reason, people download What 3 Words. This will help us get you back on track ASAP.

The race contains 2 checkpoints, with water and light refreshments.

CAVRA will also be on hand to to provide medical support. They are a fully trained and experienced search and rescue team. 


The course will follow the route of the half marathon for the first three miles, which will be well marked.  After this, there will be three circular sections that veer away from and then rejoin the same route as the half.  Where the half route is well marked, the marathon sections will be marked at critical junctions.

There will be a 'road book' maps and brief description for the sections that are not on the half marathon route.   There will be an expectation on runners to be able to navigate, partly because despite best efforts, we cannot check the whole route for sign damage on the morning of the race.

A map and gpx file will be provided with the marathon route.


Aid stations and refreshments
There are  3 checkpoints with water and light refreshments for the marathon.

There are 2 checkpoints with water and light refreshments for the half marathon.

Cut offs

For the half marathon, cut offs are generous and allow for approximately 2.5 m.p.h pace – which is fast walking.  Remember there are some hills, so this is quite a challenge if you are considering walking the whole route.

Race Start: 9:00

CP1 cut Off: 11:10 (5.35 Miles)

CP2 cut Off: 13:00 (10 Miles)

Race finish: 14:30 (13.6 Miles)

For the marathon, there will be an overall time limit of 8 hours for the full marathon route.  This equates to about 3.25 miles per hour.

CP1M cut Off: 10:15 (7.5 Miles)

CP2M cut Off: 11:30 (11.5 Miles)

CP3M cut Off: 14:00 (19.5 Miles)

Race finish: 16:00 (26.3 Miles)


There are changing rooms and showers at the venue.


We encourage the use of public transport.  The venue is very well served by the local train services.  Radyr Train station has very regular services to and from Cardiff City Centre.  The venue is about 5 minutes’ walk from the railway station.

If you're driving, please consider car sharing.  There is ample parking at the venue.

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