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Ethical Races Community

Update 26th January 2023

Just bursting with excitment

We are just so excited by this.  We do put on races that abide by our Principles.  We really do want to make a difference and to do feel we need to work together in our communities.  

We are extremely pleased - and that is not business speak like when we have made a new profiteering deal - I genuinely mean it, very very pleased to have built a relationship with Narberth Nobbler and The Preseli Beast.  For me on a personal basis, this is why I spend my weekends and evenings preparing & planning these races.  

These are the good guys.  The Nobbler is a registered Charity and have donated thousands to charity already.  You can read more on that here.  Their events are really fun, and when I have raced them before, have been simply amazing.  I do remember one marathon being up to my chest in river water, which was particulary fun for my shorter friend - absolutely brilliant.  Please check their events out

The Preseli Beast - not quite sure what to say, but if there was an A list for races this will be on it.  The race starts in Maenclochog and runs through the spectacular Preseli Mountains  - via a seaside trip to Newport.  This is the race that sets the bar for being embedded in the community.  Literally the whole village comes out to support the day,  And for a very special day, we are part of that community.  If you want to know why we keep going on about how community races are better than commercial equivalents - just give this race a try.  You will want to go again. More on the beast here

External Validation

One of the reasons for working closely with these guys is to keep us honest.  We want to build a community of races, where the other Race Directors ensure we each keep to our commitments.  It is early days yet, but I am sure this will grow into something very special.

What in it for me?

Another reason for building a community of races is so that you know which races are worth travelling for.  There are so many races out there these days.  Whilst the ethical motive is great, you also wish to know that you are going to have a really nice day.  We will only be building relationships with races that are by runners for runners.  Races that we have run, and that we personally recommend.  Races that we hope you will want to run again and again and again.

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