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Bespoke Navigation Courses

We love to help you achieve your goals and can help you my providing bespoke navigation courses.

Our navigation courses are great, and should give you all the tools and confidence to build the art of navigation.  Sometimes however, you may wish to enter a race or complete a personal challenge so you want to learn a specific route, area or terrain.

We would love to speak to you about putting on a special course for you to help you achieve your goals.  We would love the opportunity to travel around the UK to run a day course in your area or recce your race route with you.  If you have a group of friends wanting to do an event, this could be the perfect way for you all to learn to Navigate, and practice your skills on a new route or Trail.  Just drop us an email, we really would love to talk to you and support you.

Note:  We do not support sky running routes, or other routes that involve scrambling etc.  Navigation is hardest on the low levels, in woods, open moors in fog, or even in towns so you will benefit greatly from our standard navigation course. We are happy to support you, and help for such events, and these will require certain levels of support.

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