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Navigation Half-Day Courses


1. Attendance on our virtual course, or evidence of attending an alternative suitable course with basic navigation training 

2. An ability to run five to ten miles on trails, or at least 3 hours at slow pace.

To build on and practice the theory learned in our virtual classes, we offer half day sessions to put those skills into use.  The course will ordinarily be based in South Wales.

What you will need for the course

If you have attended our online course you will have all the navigation tools you need.  We do expect students to bring minimum kit with them here

Cost: £100 for the course. 

You will need to provide your own materials needed for the course, such as a compass.

Course numbers are kept low since there is a lot of interaction in the session.  Each person will take a spell at 'leading' the group.  Don't worry, you won't be tested or in the spotlight.  We want to get you confident and comfortable with taking a group of friends out, so best to practice in a safe environment.

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