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Navigation Courses

Need to increase the elevation of your training runs but worried about getting lost in the mountains?  

Does your next race require elements of self-nav?

Love to escape and run alone but can’t read a map? 

Look no further! We can help you achieve your goals.

Virtual Online Navigation Courses

Learn how to navigate in the comfort of your own home.  Setting aside an hour a week to learn the essentials of navigation, and build confidence to explore the hills and woods.

Navigation Day Courses


Building on your experience from the online course, we will take you out to practice those skills.  We may not run much, as the purpose of the day is to practice those skills.  We believe the practice is where you develop the art of navigation.


Bespoke Courses


If you have a specific race or goal in mind we will be very happy to talk to you about tailoring our courses to meet your needs.  We believe the only way to really learn navigation, is to use it.  A new race, or Long Distance Path is a perfect way to learn those skills, and experience something new.  There will be a minimum fee to ensure we cover costs.  We will be very happy to travel to your area, or race location, for a navigation day - we also love the idea of learning a new route or area.

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