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Your Journey

We see many runners who would love to enter races which require navigation. 
We see many who
have done a parkrun, and want to progress and escape the concrete jungle, and fear the unknown of getting out there on the trails.
We see plenty who gaze at the Beacons on our doorstep, yet they are anther world, for hardy people who are somehow superhuman and have no fear.
This is why we exist.  We love to support people in their journeys of discovery, which is usually self discovery, and is why our sport is so wonderfully special.

For those starting the journey
We do 5K races for those who can Park Run.  Our cut-offs are generous that a brisk walk will get you round.  We feel it is important to simply enjoy being out there.

The next step, building endurance
For those looking to progress from the 5 & 10 K races, we have fully signed half marathons.  You can do these races without navigational skills.  To fully enjoy your race, we offer recce sessions so that raceday is enjoyable.  The jump from parkrun to a half marathon is not as hard as you may think, you just need to be able to enjoy taking your time, and appreciating the moment.

Building independence
To be truly comfortable in the countryside the ability to find your way around is really important.  We offer navigation courses, specially aimed at trail runners, and designed to give you the freedom to explore on your own, and with friends.

To build on your navigation skills we offer marathon races where half the route is self navigation (the other half is fully marked). You can test your navigation skills in a supported environment,  And if you get stuck - simply phone us - we are there to help.

The final step and full confidence to explore the Beacons - our beautiful local mountains
Once you've completed our online navigation course, we offer navigation days to put into practice your new skills.  We can play in the Beacons, so you build the confidence to leave us behind and build your own routes and weekends in the mountains, but we hope you will be forever friends.

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