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Caerphilly Trail 5k & 10k

For those who wish to look for something a bit different.  

One of the main reasons for setting up Ridge Runners is to create that wonderful sense of community that you get from running a trail ultra.  It is so very special - to be part of a community that is so accepting - just because you are there.  Except many of us don't want to lose toe nails, suffer endlessly for hours, and spend all night out in the rain just to feel a sense of belonging.  Hence our Caerphilly Races.

You will not get a 5K PB (unless this really is your first 5k!) but you will get that sense of achievement.

This race takes you through a hidden gem of a wood and across fields with ancient hedgerows, which provide an abundance of life, bats, rare species of flaura and fauna.  The highest point is Rudry mountain and, although a very small mountain, the panoramic views easily equal that of much greater mountains.

The 10K also adds a loop past Rudry village hall.  A meandering trail through a wood that is rarely used will make you feels as if you have discovered a new secret.

There will be a boggy section in February but it's one of our absolute favourite sections of wood, with a beautiful stream running alongside.  Yes, you will be crossing it so it's likely you'll get wet feet but so that is part of the fun of it and you will have warmed up by then!

Rudry mountain top
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