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Our Volunteers

Lets be honest - volunteers are critical to the success of every race.  

Part of the reason for creating Ridge Runners is to create a community by runners for runners.  We strongly believe that people who have been out there racing hard, are the best people to support you.  They understand the hours of commitment, the sacrifices families have made to get you to your race, and even if you are not winning the race, how very special being out there really is.

Our volunteers have a direct impact on the way the company is run.  It is part of our Not for Profit ethos.  Where the proceeds from races go, is decided on by our volunteers.  By volunteering to support our races, you will have an equal say in which causes the profits from a race will go.  In our last race, the volunteers decided to support Coed Y Bedw Reserve, as many of them run regulalry there, and wished to give a bit back.

On a lighter note, we do wish to build our running community.  The group is friendly and welcoming, and sometimes meet up for a beer or coffee.

Each race also has a number of limited free places for people who have already volunteered.

If you wish to volunteer for our races please contact us here or visit the Facebook page here

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